Colormetrics PS1000-Series

The all-in-one-and-more POS system for efficiency times two


  • All-in-one POS system with an integrated receipt printer
  • Zero-bezel 15'' touch display (resistive or capacitive)
  • Rapid direct thermal printer (up to 260 mm/sec.)
  • IP64-certified touch panel (protected against dust and dirt)

Available Accessories

  • Customer display (2 x 20 characters VFD, 8'' or 9.7'' LCD)
  • Barcode scanner (1D/2D)
  • Magnetic stripe reader
  • iButton


The all-in-one-and-more POS system for efficiency times two

The PS1000 is the first all-in-one-and-more POS system from Colormetrics for retail and hospitality. It has the specifications of the P1000 and is so efficient, that it does the work of two at the POS.

We'll let you in on the secret of its efficiency: we integrated a rapid direct thermal printer into its stand. With the PS1000 you kill two birds with one stone – and also have more space at your POS, since you will not need to find room for an additional receipt printer.

Large, zero-bezel display

The all-in-one POS system PS1000 features a large, zero-bezel 15'' touch display with a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels. It has a brightness of 300 nits – so that all contents are also well readable in poor lighting conditions for both you and your staff. The display is IP64-certified (protected against dust and dirt) and is available as a capacitive or resistive variant.

A POS system that also prints

The receipt printer of the PS1000 quickly prints receipts in 58 or 80 mm widths up to 260 mm/sec. – at a resolution of 203 dpi. It features a USB, serial, Ethernet and cash drawer port and is easy to operate.

As efficient as you

The Colormetrics PS1000 is equipped with a fast Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core processor with 2 GHz and 4 GB RAM (expandable up to 8 GB) and a 64 GB SSD hard drive. An HDD hard drive is optionally available.

The PS1000 also features:
  • two serial/COM ports
  • four USB 2.0 ports
  • one USB 3.0 port
  • one Gigabit LAN port for fast Ethernet data transfer
  • one 24V port for your cash drawer

Do you use multiple displays at the POS? No problem for the PS1000! It has a VGA port, via which you quickly and easily connect additional monitors.

Silence is golden with the PS1000

The all-in-one PS1000 doesn't make a sound in the shop, bar or restaurant. Why? Simply because we gave it neither mechanical ventilation nor moving parts. This reduces wear and makes the POS silent. The PS1000 is therefore ideal for all those who value a quiet atmosphere at the POS.

All-in-one-and-more with a plethora of accessories

You receive a whole lot of accessories for the PS1000 – for example, a customer display with 2 x 20 characters, two fully-fledged 8''/9.7'' customer displays, a magnetic stripe reader and an iButton lock, so that you and your staff don't need to remember complicated passwords.

Capacitive display

Capacitive displays are used for smartphones and tablets. They react to the touch of a finger or conductive stylus. They do not react to prosthetics, normal pens or gloved fingers. Capacitive monitors are very resilient against scratches, but are not easily readable in sunlight.

Resistive displays

Resistive displays react to pressure – even from that of a stylus or a gloved finger. They are less expensive than capacitive monitors, but react somewhat slower and are sometimes sensitive to high pressure.

The POS which is tailored to you

Do you want a PS1000 which is exactly tailored to your requirements? Then simply ask us, we will gladly assist you!

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