Colormetrics V-Series

The vertical all-in-one POS with class


  • Vertical all-in-one POS system with a solid stand
  • 12.1’’, 15’’ or 15.6’’ monitor with a resistive or capacitive touch display
  • Power supply integrated in the stand

Available Accessories

  • Customer display (2 x 20 character VFD, 8’’ or 9,7’’ LCD)
  • Pole customer display (2 x 20 character VFD, 15’’ LCD)
  • Magnetic card reader
  • RFID reader
  • iButton
  • Barcode scanner (1D or 2D)


The vertical all-in-one POS with class

The time has come for a change at the POS. Many POS systems are simply — boring. Way too little thought was put into them. And the truth is, the impression that the POS gives is often the last one that the customer takes with him when he leaves the store. Sometimes it is even the first one when he comes in. We think that the POS should be classy — and that it should leave a positive impression on your customers.

Très chic – a real eye-catcher

With the vertically constructed all-in-one POS systems of the V-Series we present you with a POS with that something extra. It will leave a positive memory in your customers’ minds and will also excite you and your staff.

The V-Series POS system is both technically and visually state-of-the-art. Already upon first glance the V-Series scores highly with its sleek, elegant design and unusual vertical construction. This not only makes it a real eye-catcher, but also saves a lot of space at the POS.

Everything is nice to look at

The V-Series is available with three touch-sensitive touch displays in sizes of 12.1’’, 15’’ and 15.6’’. Thanks to excellent resolution, the displays of the V-Series present clearly readable contents and with excellent color brilliance — the brightness intensity is a phenomenal 500 nits. So everything is easy to read, even in full sunlight or under electric lighting. Thanks to an integrated Intel HD graphics chip, you may also use demanding graphics programs on the POS system.

The POS with that extra touch

The display is available either as a resistive or capacitive variant. Resistive means that the surface reacts to pressure — for example, when you touch the POS display with your fingers (even while wearing gloves) or with a stylus. The capacitive variant reacts to changes in the electronic field — such as when your finger touches the screen. This technology is especially used in smartphones and tablets.

Ergonomic, and how. Wow!

We put the display of the V-Series all-in-one POS system directly onto the stand. That gives it a sophisticated look and the higher-mounted monitor is also ergonomically easy to use for you and your staff.

Impressive on the inside

With its 2 GHz Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core processor and 4 GB DDR3L RAM (which may be doubled), the V-Series has more than enough processing power and is up to any task. Its HDD hard drive with 500 GB has lots and lots of space for storing product and transaction data. The POS system is also optionally available with SSD memory.

Always having the best connection... important. That’s why we gave the V-Series a whole range of interfaces: an Ethernet port, a cash drawer port, a VGA port for additional monitors, 6 USB slots (two of which are located on the right side of the stand, for faster access) and 3 serial/COM ports. You are ideally equipped with all these interfaces.

I’ve never heard it

At Colormetrics we would rather work on new innovative POS systems quietly and without disturbing noises. We believe that our customers also prefer to work quietly. That’s why the V-Series does not have mechanical ventilation. This makes the POS system less wear susceptible and very quiet. The V-Series is therefore ideal for those who value their work in a quiet atmosphere - for example, in jewelry shops and elegant boutiques.

But wait, there’s still more

Those who choose this beautiful individual POS system have taste and a mind of their own. That's why we offer you a wide range of accessories to personalize your V-Series, such as a 2 x 20 character customer display, a fully fledged 8"/10" customer monitor, a magnetic stripe and RFID reader, plus an iButton lock, so that you and your staff don’t need to remember complicated passwords.

The POS which is tailored to you

Are you looking for a V-Series model that fully meets your requirements? Simply ask us, we will gladly assist you!

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