Colormetrics Accessories

Magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner and Co.

Available Accessories

  • Customer display (VFD 2x20, 8" LCD, 10" LCD)
  • Pole customer display (VFD 2x20, 8" LCD, 15" LCD)
  • Expansion cover
  • Docking station
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Smart card reader
  • RFID reader
  • iButton
  • Waiter′s lock
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Barcode scanner (1D or 2D)
  • UPS

Accessories partially only available in combination.

Accessories available for these POS systems


POS Accessories for added value

Flexibility, efficiency and reliability are the most important features a modern all-in-one POS system has. With the comprehensive Colormetrics accessory selection, you match each POS system easily and exactly to meet your requirements. And in no time at all, a POS system turns into a fully equipped checkout!

Communicate directly with your customers via a VFD display or a second monitor, inform them about special offers and thus generate additional sales. Connect barcode scanners, waiter’s locks, magnetic stripe and chip card readers, as well as RFID readers directly to the monitor. This saves valuable space, helps to optimise work processes and increases your throughput on a long-term basis.

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