Your customized POS system


You do not want the average POS system? Then you are looking in the right place. Colormetrics offers you a variety of possibilities to match the POS systems optically, as well as functionally, to your requirements. Starting with a small order quantity, have your logo placed on the device, change the colour of the housing according to your expectations, or customise the interfaces.


Your own logo

on your own POS system

Strengthen your corporate identity and make the POS system a part of the entire brand image. Putting a logo on the front of the system, for example, enhances brand awareness and conveys high quality and professionalism.


Individual housing colour

for your individual POS system

Bring a splash of colour to the POS. All Colormetrics POS systems are also available in other colours, enhance your corporate identity and ensure for a consistent brand image with your customers – to the very end.


Customized interfaces

so that you do not have to adjust

In order to make the integration of the Colormetrics POS systems into existing network structures as simple as possible, we precisely adjust the interfaces and ports according to your requirements.

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