Innovative POS systems


Reliable hardware quality is the key to successful POS projects in retail and hospitality. But a good appearance at the checkout is increasingly becoming just as important. Those who are not only looking to convince customers of their solution, but rather captivate them, must equally meet the requirements for continuous performance and outstanding look. The POS systems of the premium vendor Colormetrics perfectly combine technology with exceptional design, thus ensuring for enthusiastic dealers and customers.

Innovation has a name

Designing a POS system was until now considered to be a chore rather than a pleasure, even for brand name manufacturers. No wonder that the optics of many touch screen POS systems were often seen as dull or old-fashioned in the age of stylish vacuum cleaners and designer mobile phones. For many customers, a cash desk is a significant feature in their own boutique, bar or restaurant, and is often the first thing that catches the eyes of customers and guests. If grey PC monotony and plastic are dominant, or if modifications have to be first made to the system, then there is no fun in choosing a suitable cashier.

Very important: everything promised by the optics is also ensured by the engineering. The systems are stable and the housing is made of a robust aluminium. The internal workings of the high-value, industry-tested components perform faultlessly, even after continuous operation over many years. In the case of a failure, critical components, such as the hard drive, are accessible for maintenance or replacement within seconds.

Colormetrics product family

Be something extraordinary

With Colormetrics POS systems, you finally offer your customers a system that is really something extraordinary! A slim design – wall-mounted as a panel, with a stand as a desktop version or as a mobile tablet PC – and durable materials with a high-value feel make the system a real bestseller.

Captivating design – functional down to the last detail

A POS system is more than just a POS system – at least at Colormetrics. Behind the counter, customers today expect a system that fits into the surroundings, operates reliably and offers intelligent features. Colormetrics greatly values the design of its complete systems and offers users many additional advantages at the same time: with numerous easy-to-integrate peripheral devices and long-life components, Colormetrics is headed down a promising path.

Sleek, robust and versatile

With the POS systems from Colormetrics, you finally offer your customers a system that will knock their socks off! A sleek desktop or panel design, robust materials with a high quality surface feel, plus a flexible peripherals concept with space-saving components turn the systems into a highlight at the checkout.

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